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The city that has always been at the core of India's existence.


Jaipur is where the modernity and heritage beautifully co-exist.


The largest city in Gujarat and the erstwhile textile hub of India.


Surrounded by Sahyadri hills, this city is where tech reigns supreme.


This fast-paced coastal metropolis is like a world in itself.


Bangalore is like a synonym for information technology.

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City of the Month: Bangalore

quaint decor and furniture in bangalore

Where to Shop For Quaint Decor and Furniture in Bangalore?

Here we offer you the information on some of the stores in Bangalore where you can shop for ...
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Suvasa: Elegant Block Prints

Suvasa is a diligent effort to introduce the world with the quaint charm of “block printing“, which is a ...
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Sunshine Boulevard – Eclectic And Bespoke Home Decor

Sunshine Boulevard is a one-of-its-kind boutique based in Bengaluru which offers a variety of modern décor ranging from ...
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Shreyas Retreat – Serene and Luxurious Retreat Near Bangalore

Nestled in the beautiful landscape and surrounded by serene water bodies and exotic gardens, Shreyas Retreat is a ...
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Soukya – A Healing Sanctuary Within Bangalore

Soukya, described as a holistic healing centre, is spread over 30 acres of an organic farm. They choose ...
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Varnam – Reviving and Celebrating Traditional Crafts

Varnam, started by Karthik Vaidyanathan, is termed as a social enterprise since the objective is to promote the ...
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Mayeeka – Progressive Yet Connected With The Roots

Mayeeka literally means mother’s home. Just like its name, the brand strives to provide a comfortable ambience similar ...
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Simply Sofas – Blazing A Trail With Sofas

In 2008, the Rao family was keen at starting their own line of innovative furniture to bring global ...
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Cane Boutique – Furniture and Decor That Uplifts The Moods

Two decades ago, Cane Boutique was born with an objective to help people in decorating their spaces in ...
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Aura Kalari – A Small And Quiet Rustic World

An earthy homestay on the outskirts of the city, one could only imagine. But yes, it became possible ...
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Theme of the Month: Fashion

Vasansi: Handcrafted, Contemporary, and Vibrant

Their tagline says that they offer handcrafted organic apparels produced in Jaipur. Each one of their pieces is ...
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Aaharya – The Style That Was Known As Temple Jewellery

Aaharya an initiative by Rhea Hirani specializes in creating temple jewellery that is timeless and unique. It is ...
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Maati Crafts – Infusing Art and Traditions Into Clothing

Because of extreme commercialization everywhere, the importance of craft, art, and creativity has taken a backseat. Some of ...
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Rana’s by Kshitija – A Designer Label From Jaipur

Bandhni and Lehriya have always been the traditional garments worn by the women of Rajasthan. And Kshitija Rana, ...
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Shantanu and Nikhil – Progressive Fusion is the Essence

It was 2000 when two young men ended their long term relationship with USA and came back to ...
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Zari Jaipur – The Paradise of Ethnic Wear

Zari means gold thread, especially used for embroidery in those regal ensembles. The name "Zari Jaipur" is apt ...
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Purvi Doshi – Trendy, Sustainable, and Kind Fashion

A believer of Ahimsa, and a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, Purvi Doshi has always believed in slow, responsible ...
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Kasheesh KK – Covering A Broad Spectrum in Fashion

Indian yet modern, it was her style mantra. Launching her eponymous label in 2016, it was her philosophy ...
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Jharonka – Where Traditions Meet The Trends

Keeping alive the Indian handloom in this era of fast fashion is really tough. But the idea was ...
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Anavila – Sustainable And Earthy Yet Stylish

Thoughtful selection of materials, utilizing the artisanal communities and harnessing the deep understanding of the fashion industry leads ...
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Recent Updates

Verve Atelier: An Art Factory in Ahmedabad

As described in the title itself, Verve Atelier exists to create various types of art. Their forte appears ...
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Kalapunj: A Store-cum-Gallery For Handcrafted Textiles and Organic Food

The store-cum-gallery, named Kalapunj, is aimed at bringing modern Ahmedabad closer to the handcrafted textiles and organic food. ...
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Samutkarsh: Academy of Yoga, Music, and Holistic Living

Samutkarsh offers courses in yoga and music, they also have a library on their campus. Situated in the ...
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Stores For Buying Conventional Furniture in Jaipur

There are numerous places in Jaipur where you can go looking for furniture and decor. In many of ...
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Where to Shop For Home Decor And Furnishings in Mumbai?

In this article, we offer you a collection of places in Mumbai where you can shop for decor ...
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Aman-i-Khas: Luxurious Tents Inspired by Mughal Pavilions

Aman is a chain of retreats with presence across the globe. The connecting thread between each of their ...
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Frozen music: A Sculptor’s Paradise

What if we can freeze up the melodies? Won’t they turn out to be one of the most ...
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Alila Fort Bishangarh: A Warrior Fort Turned Into a Heritage Resort

Situated out of Jaipur and on a hillock, this fort has the look of a typical Rajput warrior ...
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Te Aroha – A Boutique Luxury Hotel Spread Over a Hill

Dhanachuli is a small village near Mukteshwar town in Uttarakhand. Set on the top of a hill here ...
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Alsisar Haveli – A Mansion-Turned-Hotel in Jaipur

It was in 1892 when members of the Shekhawat clan established Alsisar Haveli (haveli is a Hindi word ...
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