Aaharya: The Style That Was Known As Temple Jewellery

Picture Credit: Aaharya

Aaharya an initiative by Rhea Hirani specializes in creating temple jewellery that is timeless and unique. It is handcrafted in silver and then dipped in 24-carat Gold leaf. The collections at Aaharya have a certain meaning to them and are formed using ancient techniques that have been used by the Indian artisans for centuries.

More About Aaharya

These Temple jewellery were originally crafted to be adorned by Indian Royalty who later on donated these very pieces to temples. These were then worn by the temple dancers. Today, in the 21st century, temple jewellery is being admired and adorned by women who love wearing art. It is believed that this kind of jewellery originated in the 9th Century when the Chola dynasty used to rule.

The founder of Aaharya, Rhea Hirani is a passionate disciple of the Indian classical dance, Bharatnatyam. She has a degree in fashion business management from ISDI, Parsons. She felt that at some point in history, temple jewellery got forgotten and her objective is to give this unique craft it’s due.

What’s Offered?

They offer an array of jewellery for women. And each and every piece of jewellery they offer is inspired by the Indian heritage.






Shop no 3, Juhu Tara Rd, opp. Sea Princess Hotel, Asha Officers Colony, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

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