Active 8: Pilates, Altitude, and Rehabilitation

To take a step to discover your inner strength and achieve holistic wellness and fitness, you can visit Active 8- Pilates, Altitude, and Rehabilitation studio. Active 8 is one of its kind fitness and wellness studio with Pilates, Altitude and Rehabilitation exercises under one roof. The centre is located in Juhu, Mumbai and aims at providing an innovative reformative solution to rehab recipients with 500 controlled Pilates movements. The centre also provides altitude training exercises in a reduced oxygen environment to boost your immunity system and to increase your body metabolism. The rehabilitation techniques treat back pain problems, muscle-skeletal injuries, sports injuries, post-operative care, and work-related injuries.

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+91 96198 88347, +91 99875 11511


Plot No 52, Flat 501, Sandeep Building, 5th Floor, Cross Road No. 10, Mumbai, JVPD Scheme, Juhu, Maharashtra 400049

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