Amer: A Sleepy Village That Was Once A Power Centre

A village dotted with some beautiful stepwells and temples lies in a valley surrounded by verdant hills. And once it was part of a fortification whose ramparts can still be seen going up and down the hills. The village we are talking about is Amer, which is situated a short drive out of Jaipur. Today it attracts visitors from across the globe mainly due to its elegant palace complex spread across the slope of a hill.

The most interesting thing about this sleepy village is that it was once the capital of a powerful kingdom. Kachhwaha Rajputs, the founders of Jaipur, had taken control of this place around the 10th century and developed it as their capital. Amer bustled with life until the capital was shifted in the early 18th century after which it lived a neglected life. But the onset of heritage exploration brought it to the forefront of Indian heritage and it gained the status of a World Heritage Site.

However, the village lives a nondescript life today. But if you were to ramble around on the streets of this historical place you are surely going to come across some beautiful structures from the past. A fashion brand, Anokhi, which is known for block-printed garments was born here, they’ve turned their set-up here into a textile museum.

How to Reach?

Amer town is a short drive away from the city of Jaipur which is very well connected to major cities of India through rail and air.

Where to Stay?

There are a few guesthouses in Amer, a couple of them are decent. You can check out Kawa and Mosaics. You’d find yourself eating at the place where you stay because apart from some roadside snack shop, there ain’t much for food. However, the nearby city of Jaipur will spoil you for choice in both stay and food.

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