Arnav: A Boutique And An Online Shop of Handcrafted Jewellery

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Arnav brings along the extensive years of experience of its founders. In the year 2002, Chetan GR who happened to be a jeweller and a certified gemologist joined paths with Ashwini Oza, an award-winning jewellery designer and together they initiated the concept of bespoke jewellery known as Arnav. And today, with over a decade of practice, Ashwini also operates as the Chief Designer of Arnav.

More About Arnav

Over the period, Arnav has gotten a good amount of recognition for its handcrafted pure Gold, Diamond, Silver and Antique jewellery. Known for their unique and creative designs, Arnav’s jewellery is a delight to wear. Every piece of jewellery is hand-tailored, keeping alive the Indian heritage, traditions and workmanship. The designs reflect an amalgam of artistic taste of Indian beauty and modernity. Gradually, Arnav has grown to become a choice of the high-end customers through its premier quality and customization.

In addition to their ready-to-wear offerings, they also operate a studio of jewellery redesigning: Re-designing, by Ashwini Oza. The founders believe that antique jewelleries have their own stories and heritage passed to the following generations. So, often times they come up with a whole range of jewellery which is inspired by a heritage site or a tradition of the past.

What’s Offered?

Arnav offers bespoke ornaments for women in their boutique or online shop. The wide range of jewellery includes earring, bangles, mangtikas, neck pieces, pendants, nath, hair ornaments and so on.



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#17, 9th Main, Jayanagar 2nd block, Opp Govt Nursing Home, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

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