10 Atmospheric Cafes In Pune

You have got cafes, coffee lounges, and restaurants all over in Pune. The foodie in you has an abundance of choices. But there are times when we want to spend some leisurely moments relaxing or pondering or reading. These are the times when we go looking for the cafes that have that pleasant and soothing vibes. Here we offer you a list of such cafes in Pune.

Santa Spa Cuisine

Situated on the leafy street leading to the Osho resort, Santa Spa Cuisine offers healthy food along with peace. This place is ideal for breakfast given their nutritious breakfast options like muesli, quinoa yoga and a few more. Not everything on the menu is available and service is somewhat sluggish. But anyways this place is meant for enjoying leisurely moments. It is within the campus of a resort and a part of outdoor sitting is canopied by the trees. Indoor sitting is available as well.

Dario’s (Koregaon Park)

Situated right opposite to Sante Spa Cuisine within the same campus is Dario’s. This cafe doubles up as a watering hole and has vibes of the era gone by. The decor, the paintings, and the furniture, all of them have that vintage appeal. The menu is pretty long with diverse food and beverage choices. Exotic fruits and veggies, salads, smoothies and juices sit alongside pizzas and sandwiches on the menu. Sophisticated service isn’t clearly their forte. They also have a counter that sells bakery items.

Cafe Pondi

There are quite a few cafes in the lane opposite Joggers Park. This is more spacious and atmospheric with both indoor and outdoor sitting. Cafe Pondi has to have a Pondicherry touch which is imparted by its leafy setting and the furniture and decor. The outdoor sitting is surrounded by foliage and the outside street is pretty peaceful. They offer a lot of south Indian items with a twist. There are soups, salads, small dishes, main course, and a few desserts and beverages. While the overall atmosphere is cosy, the indoor sitting isn’t air-conditioned, so on hot days, it could be hard to sit longer.

German Bakery (Koregaon Park)

It is next to impossible that you are a dweller of Pune and haven’t heard of German Bakery. A lot of travellers come looking for this place, many of them are backpackers (or modern day hippies). The Koregaon Park outlet has two floors. Lower level offers outdoor and upper level offers indoor sitting, but outdoor is way more enjoyable due to the soothing cover of trees. They offer a wide range of food along with coffees and teas. But even if you’ve chosen to just focus on tea or coffee, do try a plate of assorted cookies, you won’t repent.

Cafe Kathaa

There is only one word that can describe this cafe well: quaint. It occupies a few rooms of an old bungalow featuring traditional Indian architecture. There are many tables kept outside in the patio. The crowd mostly comprises of twenty-somethings. In between soups and shakes, they have salads, omelettes, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, and pasta on their menu. They offer all the basic hot and cold coffees that you’d expect in a cafe, no blends or flavoured versions. Interestingly in tea, they offer a few blends along with the basic ones.

Karlo’s Art Kitchen And Cafe

A yellow bungalow in an alley off the busy road is turned into a cafe. At Karlo’s, you get to sit under the canopies in the verandah downstairs or upstairs in one of the cosy rooms or on the terrace. The only problem is that the section downstairs is opened only after 7 pm. The ambience indoor is pretty cosy and the music is gentle. On their menu you find beverages section to be pretty small and simple. But in the food, you will find them pretty innovative. They offer various types of soups, salads, starters, and mains.


Set in the boulevard opposite the Joggers Park of Kalyaninagar, Arbour is a cafe cum bar. The outdoor area is canopied with trees and the nets protect your food from falling leaves. The indoor area is pretty decent and has a relaxing atmosphere. They have a pretty long food menu with both veg and non-veg items. And in coffee, they are also bitten by the third wave bug, so along with the regular ones you see the single estate coffees.  Along with the hot and cold teas, they offer a few variants of green teas and the best part is that the green teas are infused, not the tea bag types.

One O Eight

Pretty spacious cafe with relaxing ambience. You can talk, lounge around, or work on your laptop. Neither the music nor the people ( generally) are noisy types. An exhaustive food menu includes coffees, teas, juices, and milkshakes. They have kept coffee pretty simple with the regular types plus a couple of blends.

Yogi Tree

Situated in the quieter part of Koregaon Park, this open-air cafe (with huge canopies for shelter) is ideal for dinner or late evening outing. They also offer breakfast with limited choices. The trees and plants scattered around in the campus justify the name. Don’t be surprised to be welcomed by a kitten, they have a few living on their premises. They have demarcated the place in two zones, the left side is no smoking zone.

Leafy Trails

Given its name you’d expect it to be set in a leafy lane and it is. The place is for hippie at heart. Let’s start from the entrance; you’ve to remove your shoes. You can sit on chairs on the covered roof or on the cushions placed on floors in the indoor halls. The place has vibrant and energizing decor and comes alive in the evening. In food, there is nothing much to write home about. They have a collection of books and a few board games. Overall it is a good place to while away some time if you don’t always insist on things being super classy.

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