Baka Jewellery: Sustainable and Hand-crafted Jewellery By Rebecca Rubens

Picture Credit: Baka Jewellery

Baka Jewellery is an initiative by Rebecca Rubens, the owner of Rhizome- which is India’s first multidisciplinary sustainability design studio. It is a brand segmented under Rhizome for hand-crafted, contemporary and eco-friendly jewellery.

More About Baka Jewellery

Baka Jewellery’s stands at the place where contemporary fashion and love for nature converge. They have firmly quoted that “sustainability” is a big word which is increasingly losing its meaning because it is being used so casually.” Therefore, the points they are very considerate about are, usage of local, ethically-sourced, clean material that can be upcycled, reused and recycled. The craftsmen are local, rooted in the culture and tradition.

What’s Offered?

A broad range of pendants and earrings are offered to shop online or at their workshop-studio in Ahmedabad.


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