Brigitte Singh: Ballad of Art and Love

Picture Credit: Open Magazine

The story of Brigitte Singh can make for an interesting book and in fact, there is one book on her journey. A young French art student, Brigitte came to India to study miniature painting. However, she fell in love with the traditional textile printing in Sanganer. Later, she settled with her Indian husband in Amber where she founded her studio too. 

Today she has reached almost the perfection in her quest to revive and sustain the conventional technique of woodblock printing. Her brand is known for extraordinary details and Mughal Art-inspired patterns. Her products are loved all over the globe for being masterpieces of handicraft, history, art and classy fashion. 

People adore her fabrics and accessories for their unparalleled “Indianness” and incomparable craftsmanship.

In her physical store and on her website, you can shop for a slew of fashion accessories, furnishings, and crafts. Her products are also available at Tijori, a gift store at Oberoi Rajvilas.



+91 9116688072


Old Amber Road, Jaipur Rajasthan

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