Cocoon Fine Rugs: Adding Beauty to The Floors

Cocoon carpets was founded in 2009 by Ayush Chaudhary, a graduate of London School of Economics and an avid traveller. He defines himself as an art lover who seeks inspiration from all beautiful things be it fashion, architecture or even photography. He took over his flourishing family business of rugs and helped it to evolve into a brand of designer and handcrafted carpets.

More About Cocoon Rugs

They own a flagship store in Mumbai and also have presence in Jaipur, Kolkata and Bangalore. The collection is an interesting and intriguing mix of inspiration, hard work, experience and craftsmanship, all blended into one masterpiece.

They work with a determination to give the buyers innovative and stylish products. The artwork is a mix of many moods, emotions, future and history. There’s something for every taste A rug on the rug for the “mix n match” lovers, a futuristic rug inspired by Tesla and a tribute to old-school British arts.

They are making people aware of the role of the rugs in home decor and their potential to revolutionize the interiors with a subtle approach.

What’s Offered?

Designer and handcrafted rugs. The online store offers free global shipping.



022 2492 8647, 48

Location (H.O. and Gallery)

A – Block Basement, Shiv Sagar Estate, Dr. A. B. Road. Worli, Mumbai – 400 018

(They also have stores in Bangalore, Kolkata, and Jaipur, their details are available at

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