10 Stores To Buy Art and Decor In Jaipur

If you are looking to buy art and decor in Jaipur, you have no dearth of options. However, if you are looking for upscale or unique products, there are quite a few stores you can check out. We have curated here a list of such stores where you can get diverse forms of art and decor.

Kothi Lifestyle

Kothi Lifestyle is a furniture cum decor store. For decor, they have figurines and idols made from resin in all sizes on the ground level. They also have ornate throw cushions. Upstairs they have a collection of paintings and wall pieces along with the quirky artifacts.

Dream Decor Destination

Situated next to Kothi Lifestyle, this store sells both decor and furnishings. You can see figurines, idols, and abstract objects made up of resin. Some of the objects showcased there are made up of crystal. They have throw cushions in a variety of styles. Upstairs they display carpets and curtains.

Jaipur Rugs

They should be the largest rug supplier in the country. We used the word supplier because they work on a unique model wherein they utilize the village artisans to produce the rugs. The artisans work in their own villages and craft or weave rugs for this company. Jaipur Rugs has its HO in Riico industrial area of Jaipur where they have 300 plus workforce. They also have a store in Mumbai and an experience store in Jaipur at Tourist reception centre. If you happen to visit their set up at Riico Industrial area, you can get to see their huge and diverse offerings of rugs.


Evok is a Hindware brand and is a mega furniture store. However, they have a section for decor. The thing that really jumps out in their decor collection is the figurines and abstract shapes made from resin with varied aesthetics. They also have a collection of porcelain and glass vases. Their candlestands are made up of either metal or glass. Several wall pieces and trinkets are also available.


What they offer can be broadly categorized into two things: tribal art and their own creation. Lot of metallic objects created by tribals of Chhatisgarh occupy a considerable amount of their display area. Also on display are wooden accessories and stone idols which are their own creation. Art connoisseurs would surely admire this place.

Frozen Music

They create amazing art from various types of stones. And they use “bespoke stone art” as their tagline because whatever you see there can be produced as per your size preferences. They have lots of animal figures, idols, and abstract shapes kept for selling off the shelf. Most of the things they display are produced from precious stones and only a few of them are in marble and crystal. They also do interior decoration on the project basis.


They have a significant collection of table accessories and wall art. A lot of objects made up glass and metal can be seen on the shelves along with the lamps. They also sell block printed clothes for men and women in cotton and silk.


The full name of this store is Neerja’s blue pottery. They have an array of artistic objects which are categorized as per their colour theme. While blue is a bit dominating theme here, there are several other themes like yellow, green and white. Anything that you see here is clay art. Some of the things look pretty exotic. Their offerings are decor plus women accessories.

O’d Gulabee

This store sells small accessories and trinkets which they say are old and sourced from various places. They also offer cotton jackets and handcrafted bags for women.

The Silver Touch

This store is situated on the top floor of World trade park in Jaipur. Most of the figurines, idols, and other objects they have put on display are made up of resin. Many of them have a metal-like appearance as they have an outer cover of metallic polish. They also sell some trinkets and wall art.


They are in fact a furniture store with their own production facility. However, in their store, they also offer decor. Downstairs they have metallic decor products and a variety of throw cushions. And upstairs they have an entire section displaying decor and cutlery of Ellementry brand.

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