Ellementry: Designs That Are Both Earthy and Elegant

Picture Credit: Ellementry

Often, in our quest to find homeware and lifestyle products that are aesthetically pleasing, one forgets the environmental pollution its creation could have contributed to. But at Ellementry, founded in 2018 by Ayush Baid, you can find handmade products that are both sustainable and exquisite for at its core is the belief that ‘what looks good, should also do good’.

More About Ellementry

Ayush Baid laid down the foundation of Ellementry to bring the international standards of handmade artistry to India. Not only is the production process for every single product environment-conscious, but it also allows nature, traditions, and modern aesthetics to come together and handcraft beauty “that goes beyond sight”. 

What’s Offered?

From terracotta products to ceramic creations to metallic art, they offer a plethora of things. You’ll find products that can be utilized as kitchenware, tableware, and for decoration. 




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Ellementry has stores in several cities of India which includes Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Jaipur. Here are their addresses: www.ellementry.com/store-locator/all

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