Fabuliv: A Startup Focused on Handcrafted Furniture and Decor

Picture Credit: Fabuliv

On finding an Indian decor item being merchandised in Spain, Ishita thought why not sell a similar artistic product in India. Thus Fabuliv took birth which she co-founded with Sumit, and interestingly both are petroleum engineers.

More About Fabuliv

After coming back from her trip in Spain, Ishita did an extensive research of Indian market for handcrafted, artistic products. She realized that most of such fine products end up getting exported. She and Sumit were of the belief that there is an audience here in India who would admire such innovative and artistic products and would be willing to own them. So, while most of the businesses are trying to match up to the needs of contemporary times, they chose to take a different path. They utilize traditional Indian designs and our indigenous production methods to craft furniture and decor. So, their approach is both innovative and traditional.

In 2017, they set up a production unit in Hapur, UP and painstakingly created a team of skilled artisans and dealt with numerous challenges. But today not only do they have a market in India, but they also export to a few countries. While they’ve their corporate office in Gurugram, their products are sold online via their website.

What’s Offered?

They offer a wide range of furniture and decor which are handcrafted and ingeniously designed. Most of their designs display vintage elements.




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