Fort Dansborg: A 400-years Old Danish Fort on The Coromandel Coast

Welcoming the Danish to India

Ove Gedde, a Danish admiral, when landed on the Coromandel coast some 400 years ago, he might not have imagined the kind of rousing welcome he’ll get from the king of Tanjore. In fact, king went as far as giving him a territory. Ove quickly used this opportunity and started building ‘Fort Dansborg’ which would be utilized as a trading outpost by his country. Soon after the fort was ready, he started exporting pepper to Denmark from here.

The Neglect

The area around the fort became a Danish settlement but then we know that India did witness a lot. Eventually British had started utilizing the bungalows here and the fort was left unprotected. There are no records of the fort being part of any battles or skirmishes, however it was constantly being damaged by the rough seas.

The Turnaround

It was somewhere around 2002 when some volunteers from Denmark arrived in India to repair and refurbish the fort. And government of India also joined hands with them for the project. We know the original glory can never be regained, however it is in better shape now.

Where to Stay?

There is a Hindu temple nearby which is even older than the fort. In between the temple and the fort, there is this ‘The Bungalow On The Beach’ which is a revamped Danish bungalow turned into a heritage hotel. You can know more about it here:

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