Maati Crafts: Infusing Art and Traditions Into Clothing

Picture Credit: Maati Crafts

Because of extreme commercialization everywhere, the importance of craft, art, and creativity has taken a backseat. Some of the crafts and the artisans remain hidden while some of them slowly vanish. They are unable to compete with the factory-made modern alternatives. Maati Crafts is one of the few such organizations in India which are trying to keep the traditional art and processes alive.

More About Maati Crafts

They emphasize on their sensitivity to the environment and the artisan community. The raw materials used here are sourced from the rural parts of India so as to connect rural India and its produce with the urban market. Maati’s team regularly travels extensively to identify and bring across the traditional handmade crafts that can be used to create designs that complement the modern taste. According to them all of their endeavours are aimed at reviving the traditional art and processes.

What’s Offered?

Ethnic and contemporary wear for women, sarees, and kids’ wear is what you can expect in the apparel section. They also offer fashion accessories like footwear, bags, and jewellery for women. Additionally, they also have some offerings in home decor.





Powai Plaza, Shop 48, Ground floor, Central Ave, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076

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