Meraki: Simple, Functional, And Beautiful Fashion

Garima, Himanshu, and Moutushi, are inspired and passionate individuals who aspire to craft modern and classic pieces that defy trends and seasons. They are a contemporary label that believes in the simple ethos of dressing well.

More About Meraki

When they set out to create a fashion house to produce modern and classic pieces that defy the trends and seasons, they chose a Greek word ‘Meraki’ as the name of the entity. ‘Meraki’ is used when one does something with soul, creativity, and love. They believe in creating beautifully simple clothing which can be used in real day-to-day life.

In their e-shop on their website, they have nicely classified their offerings in terms of type of clothing, fabric, and themed curations. They also have a range of footwear and handbags. Just like apparel, their footwear and handbags are also simple, functional, and classic. While the footwear is crafted from leather, the bags are made using an array of handpicked raw materials.

What’s Offered?

Contemporary apparel, footwear, and handbags for women.



+91 9606675333

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