Mudhouse: A Plethora Of Handcrafted Products Made of Leather

Picture Credit: Mudhouse

After having worked for over 20 years in IT industry, Anthony Joseph found his calling in leathercraft. And Marian Joseph, who had a hobby of crafting leather jewellery, shared the same passion. Together they established: “Mudhouse”.

More About Mudhouse

Anthony has travelled to several countries and has gotten exposure to diverse cultures during his IT days. This exposure does have an impact on his design-thinking. Each of their designs are created in-house. And in their words, they combine aesthetics, functionality, and durability. They are open for customizing the products.

What makes Mudhouse extraordinary are its unique designs, all handcrafted in-house and the supreme quality natural leather used. They distinct themselves by choosing bio-degradable products, handcrafting over mechanization, and humane labour practices. Low volume is accommodated at a time to maintain the peculiarity and excellence of each piece. The team focuses on high quality, functionality and resilience of the artefact. They operate from their works in Electronic city, Bangalore with two authorised dealers Kalamkaari and The Paper Boat Collective. Easiest way to source their products is from their e-shop on their website.

What’s Offered?

Mudhouse offers an extensive horizon of handmade leather products such as sandals, bags, jewellery and accessories for both Men and Women. Adding to the list, they also comprise of articles in pet gear and travel. The customers may order the products online, or from their workshop.



+9 19900580808


59/2 Bettadasapura Main Road, Opp St Xaviers School, Electronic City Phase 1 Bangalore 560100

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