Nappa Dori: Handcrafted Leather Goods That Make A Statement

Picture Credit: Nappa Dori

Gautam Sinha, an NIFT graduate, was all of 24 when he fell in love with the leathercraft while producing a line of belts for a Scandinivian client. He then set up a company in Delhi and began producing leather goods for the other brands. Eventually he decided to create own brand and founded ‘Nappa Dori’ which makes swanky bags and accessories and has an international presence.

More About Nappa Dori

Nappa Dori was commenced in the year 2010 without any predefined market but completely based on the founder’s instinct that “if I like it, someone else would like it“. The colourful trunks, luxurious leather bags and satchels started appealing tourists and the non-natives. Splitting its way from the conventional design trends, Nappa Dori flared with its unique tenet. 

The products have a creative edge and an essence of simplicity. The idea of the design, material is user convenient, which effectively blends into the person’s style. The designs of such a high-end brand are not flashy, predictable or clichéd, but are with a tint of flair to the fashionable lifestyles for those young at heart.

Nappa Dori also renders to the hospitality industry with a completely unique range of product line offered to only international luxury hotel brands. They have creative collaborations with various renowned labels and organizations. Interestingly some of their stores have cozy cafes which add to the experience of shopping.

What’s Offered?

Nappa Dori offers contemporary classy bags for men and women, traditional trunks for travel and decor, and a wide selection of accessories like belts, wallets, footwear, wrist-bands, and stationery.



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They have stores in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, London, and Maldives, the addresses and contact details can be found here:

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