Nicobar: Standing Where The Fashion Meets The Culture

Inspired by the journey of Lals, the founding family of Royal Enfield and Good Earth, Nicobar was launched in 2014, with the quintessence of passion and love for culture and creativity. Giving India its own interpretation of tropical designs, the co-founders Simran Lal and Raul Rai present a peculiar range of Outfits, Accessories and Home Décor.

More About Nicobar

The theme followed, ‘Journeys across the Indian Ocean’ recites the journey of Simran and Raul, growing up in India, living and traveling to several destinations. The founders do not believe in offering trend-driven products but something that gives every customer an uplifting experience and touches their soul. As the founders quote “it’s the little things that make the ordinary extraordinary”, their core focus is on simplicity, versatility and elevating every minor detail in their product that appeals the customer. The design and material utilised are natural and influenced by the Indian culture, rendering an opportunity for the customers to connect with the concept and share their stories.

With the support of a significant and talented team, Nicobar has been able to successfully create an environment which intersects culture and commerce. Their stores, warehouses and cafes are loaded with interesting gigs, yoga workshops, book readings and so on, as a beautiful attempt to create an enduring atmosphere.

What’s Offered?

An assorted variety of products in Men’s wear, Women’s wear, Travel wear, Accessories and Home Décor are available both in stores and online. They also offer gift-cards and alternative gifting options for their customers.



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They have stores in several cities of India and in Sujan group of hotels, the addresses and contact details of every store can be found here:

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