Olie: Handcrafted Luxurious Home Décor Accessories

A piece of art, even if it is as basic as a bed lamp if crafted creatively can switch the mood of a person or space instantly. Started with this thought, Olie’s initial offerings were decorative lights and fixtures. However, going forth they enhanced their offerings with an array of quirky home decor accessories. It is a Bangalore based family-run studio that transforms homes with personalized, handmade decors & accessories.

Olie’s collection reflects the quirky ideas of Amrita, a trained illustrator & designer and her team of craftspeople from Pondicherry. Each accessory from Olie is handmade, printed on luxurious fabrics, with the signature style being ‘things you see every day’, like railway, kolam, leaves falling, chai, pets, vehicles, etc. You can find Amrita and her craftsmen’s presence established across the country in select hotels, corporates, schools, spas, and homes. A handful of top stores also display their works.

What’s Offered?

Customized and standard decors including cushion, lighting & fixtures, bags, quilts, bedspreads, journals, and gifting options.




+91-9902688922  (They expect a prior appointment for visit to their studio)


51/25, Rathna Avenue, Richmond Rd, Behind Trinity Circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

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