Companies That Are Changing The Tea Scene of India

Tea soothes; tea revitalizes. When blended with certain herbs, it becomes a magical concoction. A lot of blends are claimed to have several health benefits. To pour an interesting fact here, in the 17th century Europe they used to store tea leaves in a treasure chest. We can imagine how this wonder crop would have been valued then. Another fact, which you might be aware of, is that India is the second largest manufacturer of tea in the world. Yet, until some time back, it was quite hard to find sellers of fine gourmet tea in our country. But slowly and steadily, this is changing since newer players are seeing an opportunity and so do the some established players.

Here we give you a long list of companies that can deliver gourmet tea at your doorstep.


Being one of the warmer nations, in India stored tea leaves perspire and become stale as well as tasteless. Thus, when Kausshal Dugarr began Teabox, curating a handpicked selection of the finest teas with the richest flavors from India and Nepal was not his only goal. From setting up India’s first tea cold storage to vacuum packaging, Teabox works hard to maintain the freshness in the tea leaves.

Tea Floor

Despite the ceaseless tea production in India, tea workers and their families lead severely malnourished lives in abject poverty. Thus, for Tea Floor producing carefully handcrafted tea blends was never enough. So, every year, they contribute- both monetary and via volunteering- for the betterment of the communities that have build up the tea sector with their hard work.

Udyan Tea

India is home to innumerable tea plantations, yet it is quite a task to get those pure and truly aromatic tea leaves. It was to address this dearth that a trio of hardcore chai lovers, Punit Poddar, Parveez Gupta, and Soveez Gupta, stepped into the scene with Udyan tea, offering the exotic flavored tea blends right from the gardens of Darjeeling to your home.

Sancha Tea

The nation’s oldest tea connoisseur, Sancha Tea, was founded by Master tea taster Sanjay Kapoor in 1981 whose keen understanding of exotic aromas allowed the curation of 75 varieties of teas. Sancha Tea stands for its artisanal blends of Indian teas blended with natural spices, herbs, with soothing aromas ranging from grassy, woody, flowery, floral to muscatel.


3 billion cups of tea are consumed worldwide in a day, with India contributing a major share of the percentage and yet when Akash Takwani came back to India, after consuming high-quality leaf tea in China, all he found was dust tea, low on antioxidants. And thus he brought TeaSage into being, providing good quality fruity and spicy leaf tea to India & across the globe.

Tea Trunk

In the “modern” and “advanced” era we live in, anything is hardly ever devoid of its artificial counterparts. So, when Snigdha Manchanda set up Tea Trunk, as its founder and in house expert Tea Sommelier, she ensured that the name only stood for 100 % natural tea blends- no artificial flavous, no additives, or colors, just delicious flavors and health benefits.

Tea Xpress

Tea leaves can be blended with a plethora of herbs but generally what we get is the blends with indigenous herbs. That’s where Tea Xpress differentiates itself. It curates fresh tea imbibed with seasonal ingredients sourced from the rarest plantations from Africa to Japan to Europe, combining a taste of different cultures across the globe.

Goodwyn Tea

India is blessed with some of the finest tea varietals, and yet tea-estate owners export them in bulk. It was to bridge this gap between the tea producers and consumers that siblings Rohan and Rahul Sirohia brought Goodwyn Tea into existence, to deliver high-quality artisanal blends missing from the market.

Karma Kettle

When Dhiraj and Priti Arora began Karma Kettle, their motto was not to appeal to the masses by their presentation but to deliver “voyages in a teacup”. By creating eclectic blended teas & tisanes using premium ingredients sourced from across the globe, the duo aspires for every Karma Kettle consumer to feel the same wonder and cultural diversity they witnessed on their travels.

The Good Life Company

“Tea is only as good as the ingredients that make it up”- it was following this age-old notion that Bhuman Dani and Shariq Ashraf set up The Good Life Company, creating healthy and delicious blends by combing the world for unheard yet amazingly tasty ingredients- barberries from Iran, Muira Puama from the Amazon rainforest, Schizandra Berries from Russia, etc.

Vahdam Teas

When Bala Sardav began Vahdam teas, he wanted to fulfill his two dreams simultaneously- bringing about a carefully curated and handpicked produce of tea complete with heady flavors and aromas and to empower millions. Respecting and appreciating the hard work of tea farmers, Vahdam teas direct 1% of their revenue towards their tea workers’ children’s education.

Golden Tips Tea

Since 1933, Golden Tips Tea has been on the mission to “epitomize the art of drinking gourmet teas” under the leadership of its founder, Madhav Sarda. From procuring teas from the Himalayan foothills to sourcing ingredients from the Dhauladhar range, Golden Tips has been doing its bit to keep India at the forefront of tea scene of the world.

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