Rhizome Design: Quaint & Bespoke Decor Made of Bamboo, Brass, And Terracotta

Picture Credit: Rhizome Design

With a formal background as an industrial designer at the National Institute of Design and a Ph.D. from the Delft University of Technology, along with being experienced with governmental institutions, NGOs, SMEs and communities in Europe, Asia and Africa, Dr. Rubecca Reubens launched Rhizome in the year 2009. Rebecca has her key proficiency in Bamboo and rattan, therefore the name Rhizome (underground plant stem) was given. Besides being a world bamboo ambassador for the World Bamboo Organization, Rebecca also happens to have written a book ‘Bamboo: From Green Design to Sustainable Design’.

More About Rhizome Design

Rhizome has been recognized as India’s first versatile sustainability design workshop working on core amalgamation of economical and commercially-viable crafts. Their designs are niche and are developed in collaboration with cross communities. The products equalize aspects of economic, social, cultural, and ecological factors to design sustainable products. Rhizome has also undertaken projects like sustainable and customized interior design for a resort known as Rann Riders in Kachchh and reinterpretation of Wegner’s Wishbone chair in bamboo.

What’s Offered?

Rhizome offers sustainable interiors made from bamboo, brass and terracotta; bamboo wishbone chairs; wooden pen; waste sea-grass products; fish-trap spa accessories; Imprint paper products; jute bags; bird-cage lighting and lace lighting.



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