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The passion for handcrafted furniture and the constant belief that one day these beautiful handmade pieces would be forgotten, is what lead Ariane Thakore to begin This and That. Ariane is a postgraduate in Master’s of Economics along with being an Interior Designer from Kent Institute of Art and Design. Before venturing for ‘This and That’, Ariane had gained a significant amount of experience in this field.

More About This and That

Ariane brings along her expertise in furniture designing and restoration of old furniture, Interior design and space planning and an experience of completing more than 100 projects. She founded This and That to create a platform where craft and innovation unite, rendering a perfect balance between vernacular design and craftsmanship using contemporary techniques. The aim is to revive the concept of hand tailored furnishing by accepting orders catering to exclusive customization for size, colour and forms that fits various spaces.

This and That believes in conserving the ecological balance, therefore the designs fashioned are sustainable and utilizing the local customary artistry, as a result winning awards for handwoven rugs and Turkey Tail centre table. Ariane also carries a passion towards designing retail and restaurant spaces. Recently, set has set out her first step into architecture. This venture project is in Maharashtra, to build one of the finest wild life hotels in India by employing economic designs inspired by the surrounding culture.

What’s Offered?

This and That offers exclusive hand crafted furniture, decorative Items, home-ware design and restoration of old furniture, through its Ahmedabad studio and association with Blue Loft, Mumbai.



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Their products are available in Ahmedabad, and Mumbai, and the addresses can be found here:

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