Tree House Resort: Hidden in the Woods Near Jaipur

Known as “Pink City”, Jaipur is popular for its Royal culture, Rajasthani cuisine, forts, places, gardens, parks, and museums. But not known to many, is Syari Valley which is a driving distance away from the capital of Rajasthan. Those who are looking for a break from the hip hop life of the city, yet not so far, head towards the woods of Syari- The Tree House Resort.  

As the name suggests, the resort offers to stay in an actual treehouse (called as Nests) which are perched atop the Kikar trees and the live branches running across the rooms. One can also opt to stay in their Water House Resort which offers luxurious overwater bungalows in which one can see the aquatic life beneath the floor.

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Nature Farms, Opp Amity University, 35th Kilometer Stone, NH-8, Jaipur



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