Uniquely Styled Cafes In Ahmedabad

We’ve got so many cafes in Ahmedabad that one is literally spoiled for choice. It is getting increasingly harder to decide a cafe for an outing. This is the time when you start yearning for uniqueness. You want to be appealed by distinctive features like rusticity, unique interiors, regional feel, natural setting, and whatnot. Interestingly there are such cafes that can boast of that uniqueness. Here are the unique cafes of Ahmedabad which we have handpicked for you.

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Natrani Cafe

Natrani cafe near Usmanpura in Ahmedabad

Situated in a leafy residential neighbourhood, Natrani, the open to air cafe, is part of Darpana Academy of Performing Arts. Here instead of chairs and tables, they have stone and brick benches. Green cover imparts a natural appeal to this place. Also, the design of the place has an artistic touch since it is a part of a renowned art academy of Ahmedabad. Along with sandwiches, pizza and pasta, they also offer mini meals. Various hot and cold beverages are on the menu. They passionately display banners for their homemade ice creams. Reaching here is pretty comfortable if you take riverfront road. On some days, especially in the evenings, people get to come across some popular artists who are there to perform at Darpana academy. (Note: Only cash payment is accepted.

Location: Darpana Academy, Usmanpura, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad 380013
Call: 079 27551389

Project Cafe

Project cafe near Ambavadi in Ahmedabad

Project Cafe is a short drive away from the IIM of Ahmedabad. While they offer all the modern food and beverages and love to play hip music, in terms of architecture they have tried to create that old world charm. The cafe is spread out on the upper floor of a bungalow with the yellow-coloured facade. The stucco-covered brick walls have recesses within them that serve as shelves, a style which was common in India until the recent past. Abstract paintings and antique clocks on the walls impart an artistic feel to the place. Placed on the shelves are artefacts and other merchandise for sale. For food, they like to boast about their pizzas, Mexican dishes, exotic teas, and mocktails. What they have is a hall partitioned by the wide pillars; you can also opt to sit outside in the balcony.

Location: Yellow House No. 7, Polytechnic Road, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380009
Call: 079 48996060

Truffle – The Cafe

Truffle the cafe near YMCA in Ahmedabad

This cafe has been built in a pretty unique way. They have placed logistic containers around a pebbled courtyard. Each container performs a different role. While the large one is meant for air-conditioned indoor seating, the smaller ones are used as kitchens, fire-place, restroom etc. You can choose between sitting outdoor and indoor, and if you are fortunate you can also get an option to sit on the rooftop which they open when it is full house downstairs. The plants in and around the courtyard offer a green touch to the bright and airy premises. So, Truffle is a stylish cafe with a rustic appearance. The menu includes wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, mocktails, shakes, smoothies, coffee, small meals, and a variety of desserts.

Location: Karnavati Club Road, Opp. Road To Ymca Club, Mumatpura, Ahmedabad 380054
Call: +91 9824616739

Zen Cafe (University Area)

Zen cafe near University in Ahmedabad

Zen Cafe, situated next to Vikram Sarabhai community science centre, has been here for much more than a decade. So, this cafe is seniormost amongst the unique cafes in Ahmedabad. Its uniqueness lies in its setting and layout. It occupies the open area around the quirkiest art gallery of Ahmedabad, popularly called “Amdavad ni Gufa”, hence many people call this cafe “Amdavad ni Gufa Cafe”. On one side they have brick platforms and chairs for sitting, and on the other side, they have amphitheatre-like stepped platforms. Along with the canopies they have placed, the trees around the premises also offer shade from the sun. They are known for their exotic teas, coffees, paninis, and salads. (Note: They open at 2 pm and close at 8 pm.)

Location: Opposite Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Centre, University Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009
Call: +91 9662504013

Caffix – The Tech Cafe

Caffix cafe near Vastrapur in Ahmedabad

Caffix is one of the most quirky cafes in Ahmedabad, they double up as an iPhone service centre, hence the extension “the tech cafe” is in their name. Though it’s not necessary that you have to be here only for iPhone servicing, it is open to all. Their quirky wood and metal furniture exhibit fusion of western and Indian styles. While the cafe isn’t very huge, their menu is for sure. Along with a variety of coffees, chocolate shakes, and mocktails they offer a wide range of food from multiple cuisines. They offer Indian, Mexican, Oriental dishes, snacks, and salads; breakfast combos are also offered.

Location: 36-37 Advait Mall, Sandesh Press Rd, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380054
Call: 079 48901582

Zen Cafe (Near ISRO)

Zen cafe near ISRO in Ahmedabad

This cafe is situated adjacent to Sundarvan near ISRO of Ahmedabad. It occupies some area on the ground floor of the TDW, the furniture designing company. Zen offers both indoor and outdoor sitting. While there are simplistic chairs and tables in the indoor sitting, there are both wooden chairs and stone benches outside. Trees around the cafe have created a kind of green canopy which keeps this place shaded. Shrubs planted within the premises add to the soothing ambience of the place. When you look at the beverage section of their menu, you feel truly spoiled for the choice with a variety of coffees, teas, smoothies, shakes, and some mocktails. For food, they offer pizzas, wraps, panini, and a few platters.

Location: Beside Sundervan, Satellite Road, Panchsheel Enclave, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad 380015
Call: +91 9662504015

Cafe Venture Studio

Cafe Venture Studio near Commerce Six Road in Ahmedabad

This cafe can really boast about its location and design. Set amidst the leafy campus of Ahmedabad University, it offers both outdoor and indoor sitting, though outdoor sitting is preferable in the late afternoon or evening. Since they are within a college campus, the cafe is designed and furnished to appear like a college cafeteria. Slanting roof, supported by glasses on one side bring in abundant natural light which makes sitting here a comforting experience but the same feature makes this place very hot during summers. Here you can order from their smoothies, coffees, teas, and coolers. They also make sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, salads, soups, and mini meals.

Location: A G Teachers Campus, Near H L College, Commerce Six Rd, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009
Call: 079 26448890

Unlocked – Cafe and Escape Room

Unlocked cafe in Navrangpura Ahmedabad

Cafe Unlocked is situated close to CG road in Ahmedabad. You can come here and play board games, which is one of the unique things about this place. The interior is made vibrant with colourful yet decent furnishings and decor. You can choose between lounging on sofas or sitting on chairs. You’d prefer this place when you are with your friends or family and are looking to do some activity or want to indulge in conversations. If you want to play games, you will be charged a small fee per member (INR 100 in Jan 2019), the price would include one complimentary drink per person (Pepsi/Coke/coffee), except on Saturdays and Sundays. The food menu is pretty exhaustive with mocktails, juices, smoothies, pizzas, pasta, and meals.

Location: 40, Umashankar Joshi Marg, Vasant Vihar, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009
Call: 079 48900165

Cafe Baraco

Cafe Baraco near Memnagar in Ahmedabad

This cafe exudes its quirkiness through its carriage-style cushioned benches, ostentatious decor, and dull lighting. They are fond of pop music. Apart from a variety of coffees and a few teas, they offer various dishes to select from. Pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and various Mexican dishes figure in the menu. This cafe is for you if you are in your teens, just out of your teens, or are teen-at-heart.

Location: 34, Shri Bhuvan, 120 Feet Ring Road, Sarvottam Nagar Society, Opp. Memnagar Fire Station, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009
Call: Not Available

Chai Nashta

Chai Nashta cafe, behind Rajpath Club in Ahmedabad

If you were to create a modern shack with a slight Rajasthani touch, it might look like this cafe. Chai Nashta is a small cafe with a few chairs, stools and swings. All the regular stuff is served. While it is clean and air-conditioned, the approach of staff is shack-like. So, if you look for those finer details, this place should be given a miss. But the explorer at heart won’t repent making a visit here.

Location: B-2, Shivalik Business Centre Opp. Kensville Golf Academy, B/H Rajpath Club, Off. S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad 380054
Call: 079 40191784

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Uniquely Styled Cafes In Ahmedabad

We’ve got so many cafes in Ahmedabad that one is literally spoiled for choice. It is getting increasingly harder to decide a cafe for an…
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