Varnam: Reviving and Celebrating Traditional Crafts

Varnam, started by Karthik Vaidyanathan, is termed as a social enterprise since the objective is to promote the handmade objects crafted by artisans. Initially, the focus was on bringing to the fore the hidden art of ‘Channapatna’ in Bangalore. So, they started with promoting toys and decor crafted by the artisans of Channapatna. Going ahead they also forayed into men and women fashion.

More About Varnam

While travelling to Mysore, Karthik discovered toys at Channapatna, the ancient toy-town. He got fascinated by the intricate design and artisanship behind the toys. He believed that traditionally-crafted products should not just be showcased in fairs, but they should also be present in the lifestyle stores. So finally in 2011, Varnam was born to revive the age-old traditional craft by reorienting them into the modern context.  This made their aesthetic value and designs relevant as well as utilitarian for the present times. They regularly hold discussions with artisans on market trends and encourage them to implement them in their products. 

What’s Offered?

In stores of Varnam Craft Collective, you can discover items like artistic toys and decoratives, uniquely crafted jewellery, apparels for men and women, and lighting accessories.



+91 8025250360


They have stores in Bangalore and Mumbai, the addresses can be found here:

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