Vasansi: Handcrafted, Contemporary, and Vibrant

Their tagline says that they offer handcrafted organic apparels produced in Jaipur. Each one of their pieces is either Indian or Indo-western and is made for the present times. And since they are from Jaipur, it is a given that the hues and prints will be vibrant.

More About Vasansi

Vasansi was founded by a Chemistry graduate Shailendra Sancheti who was born and brought up in a family involved in the textile industry for generations. He opened Vasansi in 2002 to deck up the modern Indian woman.

Their core expertise lies in crafting fascinating drapes using high-quality fabrics and vibrant prints. Each one of their apparel exudes that Jaipur feeling in their choice of colours and patterns. They craft diverse products for different occasions but bridal apparels are one of their top priorities. They have introduced ultralight lehengas with handcrafted footwear as well.

What’s Offered?

Apparels for various occasions; lehengas and dresses. They also offer footwear for women.





They have stores in Jaipur, Delhi, and Indore. The location details are here:

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