World Of Stones: Turning Houses Into Homes Since 1999

You don’t need to turn the pages of history to know that human establishment has been shaped by stones- from being fashioned as weapons to adding that ‘zing’ as antiques decorating our homes. Banking on it very ‘forever’ importance, the World of Stones was founded in 1999 by the Kalani brothers, Harsh and Utkarsh, with the vision to mark the presence of natural Indian stone across the globe.

More About World of Stones

World of Stones is known for its zealous commitment to quality and to its costumers. Standing apart from the notorious presence of child labor and major pollution generation in this industry, it prefers to live by its ethics and has its own wind turbines to process the stones.

What’s Offered?

Lending any space- indoor or outdoor- a sense of individuality combined with exotic style, World Of Stones offers a wide array of elegant decoration pieces,  internal flooring, outdoor designs, and hard landscaping applications.



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They have showrooms in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. The addresses can be found here:

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